There is something within a woman’s being that calls to her. It calls to her from the deepest most sacred part of her inner realms.  Calling to be the beacon of light for her life. Calling to unleash the truth within her. The absolute divine spark that is all of her, longs to speak to her, longs to be unleashed. The Brilliance, the Wild, the Grace, the Roaring Truth Teller, the Sensitive Intuitive Leader, the full spectrum of her, desires to make an impact on our planet.  She knows within that she is truly a Queen, and in fact that we are all royalty.

She knows she was created for just this, and she knows she is here for a reason, yet how is she suppose to find her way out, in a world that suggests she fit into a box of normal? How is she to bridge this inner knowing while still living in this linear world and catering to the demands of the daily grind?

Do you hear the call? Are you a woman who is ready to listen to your inner most pleasures and desires in life but feel like you aren’t aloud to fully unleash the voice from within? Do you have this inner fire that is so ready to burst, but truly aren’t sure exactly how? Do you desire to live in your full, expanded pleasure and freedom and still completely rock your daily life? You have come to the right place.

There are no coincidences and you and I are meeting for a reason. Let me be a pillar for you to know, that it’s true! You are a Queen and you are so absolutely here for a reason. I see who you are and I want to nourish your being with this gift from me to you. I have been cultivating for the past 15 years my deep practice and purpose to serve women in their full pleasure filled lives. I want you to know you can have it all, and you can live in your pleasure, completely unleashed and FREE! Throughout my path I have realized my birth right, and the profound lineage of women that I come from and TRULY, am deeply humbled to share these sacred gifts I have learned but also to call forth yours and shine light on how you truly desire to live and lead in a feminine way. (To read my story click here).

Coming to Ashland,February 24-26th, 2017!

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